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(ˈʰwaɪt li, ˈwaɪt-)

with a white hue or color.
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Burrows, a navigator in an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber, died after his plane was hit while dropping propaganda leaflets over German on April 5, 1943.
The men on the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley V bomber got lost and the aircraft was hit by German ground fire over Soesterberg, in the Dutch province of Utrecht.
Sir, - We are rebuilding an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber aircraft for the RAF Museum at Hendon.
Aircraft manufacture continued until the late 1930s, by which time the factory was producing fuselages for perhaps the most famous aircraft produced at Whitley - the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Bomber.
Bill, of Billing Road, Chapelfields, said: "This year is the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber, which was produced in Coventry.
Recently I have made contact with a group that is in the process of reconstructing an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley aircraft from component parts recovered from a number of crash sites.
IMPORTANCE: The Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber played a vital role in the Second World War
Coventry was chosen as the setting for the pounds 3,000 stone because city- built Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bombers were used extensively airborne troops during the Second World War.
And Coventry, home of the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bombers used extensively by the Second World War airborne troops, was thought to be the ideal location.

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