Army organization

1.The system by which a country raises, classifies, arranges, and equips its armed land forces. The usual divisions are: (1) A regular or active army, in which soldiers serve continuously with the colors and live in barracks or cantonments when not in the field; (2) the reserves of this army, in which the soldiers, while remaining constantly subject to a call to the colors, live at their homes, being summoned more or less frequently to report for instruction, drill, or maneuvers; and (3) one or more classes of soldiers organized largely for territorial defense, living at home and having only occasional periods of drill and instraction, who are variously called home reserves (as in the table below), second, third, etc., line of defense (the regular army and its reserves ordinarily constituting the first line of defense), territorial forces, or the like. In countries where conscription prevails a soldier is supposed to serve a given number of years. He is usually enrolled first in the regular army, then passes to its reserve, then into the home reserves, to serve until he reaches the age limit. It for any reason he is not enrolled in the regular army, he may begin his service in the army reserves or even the home reserves, but then serves the full number of years or up to the age limit. In equipment the organization of the army is into the three great arms of infantry, cavalry, and artillery, together with more or less numerous other branches, such as engineers, medical corps, etc., besides the staff organizations such as those of the pay and subsistence departments.
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District I will be doing a community project on June 3rd at The Salvation Army organization in Burlington.
Army organization that develops, procures, fields and sustains virtually everything the Soldier wears or carries.
5) However, in September 2006, TJAG considered the increasing responsibilities placed on deploying JAs in the contemporary operational environment and determined that company grade JAs should receive training in certain non-legal subjects essential for staff work, such as Army organization and doctrine, joint operations, and, most importantly, the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).
We are the only Army organization that executes approved security assistance materiel programs, including technology security and management, business management, export license management, country program management, and coproduction of Army materiel.
When a TWI intern is integrated back into an Army organization, the information gathered during the internship can be used to improve the ability of the Army to interact and conduct business with industry.
Soldiers form the centerpiece of Army organizations.
Army organization, supply, promotions, and the employment of civilian contractors were all issues that were subject to factional political infighting.
For now, the focus remains largely on establishing the leader development program throughout the Army organization.
An Army organization sponsoring a conference may be able to reduce lodging expenses by directly paying such expenses rather than reimbursing attendees for lodging bills.
Privratsky is used to leading a large Army organization.

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