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n.1.An inhabitant of Albania and neighboring mountainous regions, specif. one serving as a soldier in the Turkish army.
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All I know is," replied the captive, "that after having been in Constantinople two years, he escaped in the disguise of an Arnaut, in company with a Greek spy; but whether he regained his liberty or not I cannot tell, though I fancy he did, because a year afterwards I saw the Greek at Constantinople, though I was unable to ask him what the result of the journey was.
as deck'd for war, Bears in his belt the scimitar Stain'd with the best of Arnaut blood, When in the pass the rebels stood, And few return'd to tell the tale Of what befell in Parne's vale.
Sunday Circus have Alex Arnaut at Saint Judes in Glasgow and Kill Yourself Dancing is at the Buff Club with Euan Neilson, Danny Morrow and Bob Smart before Killer Kitsch presents 89, a night next Tuesday dedicated to what Killer would play if it was 1989.
The only character to speak a non-Florentine Italian vernacular in the poem is Arnaut Daniel, encountered on the final terrace of the mountain of Purgatory.
Another student named Medina Arnaut said they learned lots of thing thanks to the competition even if they would not win a prize.
But think of Guido Cavalcanti, of Arnaut Daniel, of Raimbaut, the great Provencal troubadour .
Arnaut, Suicide in Prison: A Qualitative Study, 90 PRISON J.
She was like Arnaut Daniel in Purgatorio; her Provengal had an antique nobility' (pp.
to which Tietjens replies, "You are probably thinking of an albade by Arnaut Daniel, which someone translated lately" (134).
The Dantesque mood prevails in the following line as Eliot alludes to the character of Dante meeting with twelfth-century troubador Arnaut Daniel, the only character to address Dante in his own native Provencal.
Finally, it is in the lyric tradition that we find the source for the combination of masculine octosyllables with feminine heptasyllables: the meter was used by troubadours as much appreciated as Jaufre Rudel, Marcabru, Bernart de Ventadorn, Giraut de Borneil, and Arnaut Daniel.
Independent European Sport Review 2006, Final Version, October 2006, Report by: Jose Luis Arnaut.