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a material that has a strong smell, esp one that is added deliberately to a material that does not
another word for odorous


(ˈoʊ dər ənt)

an odorous substance or product.
[1425–75; late Middle English: fragrant < Latin odōrant-, s. of odōrāns, present participle of odōrāre to make fragrant, derivative of odor odor; see -ant]
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Comparision of aroma compound (2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline) in leaves from pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) and Thai Fragrant Rice (Khao Dawk Mali-105).
US 9,254,248 B2; Kao Corporation, Tokyo, has been awarded a US patent for a method of inhibiting an odor caused by sotolone (a lactone and aroma compound with the typical smell of fenugreek or curry at high concentrations and maple syrup, caramel, or burnt sugar at lower concentrations).
Trimethylbenzene has been described as food aroma compound (Longo and Sanroman, 2006).
Odor intensity was checked by GC/O and by comparing the FID signal caused by a defined amount of each reference aroma compound.
Differences in the volatile aroma compound profiles seem also to correlate with sensory taste differences.
Enantiomeric distribution of some monoterpenoic Compounds in blackcurrant aroma Compound Enantiomeric distribution, % Buds Berries Leaves 1 2 3 4 5 (-)-[alpha]-Pinene 19.
The concentration of 2-acetyl-l-pyrroline, the principle aroma compound in aromatic rices (Buttery et al.
The studies, described in detail in Postharvest Biology and Technology in 2012, are apparently "the first to report the levels of aroma compound sampled during Hass avocado maturation and ripening," Obenland notes.
1 [5], which is an aroma compound present naturally in many fruits and fermented products, is produced by members of the genus Sporidiobolus and this fact was confirmed by the identification of 4-decanolide and cis-6-dodecanolide in 1972 and 1973 on the peach like odour of Sporobolomyces odorus [3].
and one cup contained juice spiked with a particular unidentified aroma compound.
The two products created in the double process -- the aroma compound and the hydrolyzades -- are treated separately.
2011 "Influence of pH and ethanol on malolactic fermentation and volatile aroma compound composition in white wines.