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Any of several North American species of viburnum, especially Viburnum dentatum, having straight, tough stems formerly used by certain Native American peoples to make arrows.


(Plants) any of various trees or shrubs, esp certain viburnums, having long straight tough stems formerly used by North American Indians to make arrows


(ˈær oʊˌwʊd)

any of several shrubs or small trees, esp. belonging to the genus Viburnum, of the honeysuckle family, having tough, straight shoots formerly used for making arrows.
[1700–10, Amer.]
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Spring blooming shrubs include lilac, mock orange, weigela, forsythia, arrowwood viburnum, St.
Linda Gooch, of Arrowwood and Sylvia Mathon, of Innisfail join an elite group of Albertans inducted into the Alberta 4-H Hall of Fame since 1971.
Photos on pages 38-39 courtesy of Drumlin Farm Camp / Mass Audubon, Lincoln, Massachusetts; Camp Arrowwood, Wears Valley, Tennessee; YMCA Camp Minikani, Hubertus, Wisconsin; Camp Chippewa & Retreat Center, Ottawa, Kansas; URJ Crane Lake Camp, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts; and Camp Helen Brachman, Almond, Wisconsin.
Also known as arrowwood Dawn and bought from firms like Thompson & Morgan can become quite large, up to three metres, but will respond well to pruning.
Ward of the Arrowwood stated, "If we were properly organized, we wouldn't need a strike.
8 Corylus Hazel -- -- Viburnum Arrowwood / pembina -- -- Subtotal (local) 87.
May 1-2, 2014: Spring Conference, sponsored by the Minnesota Environmental Health Association, Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center, Alexandria, MN.
The finalized concrete mix for the pinkish color section of the new spandrels consists of grey and white cement; two coarse aggregates, Colonial Red and Arrowwood, 1/2 in.
1990 Population/biomass estimates and relative abundance indices of adult common carp in Arrowwood and Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuges.
Finally, the last two decades have seen five new colonies developed in the middle of the county: Armada, Skylight, Mialta, Arrowwood and Wildrose.
NYSE Amex: ADGE), a leading On Site Utility, offering clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to hospitality, healthcare, housing and athletic facilities, is now operating a 375 kW combined heat and power system at Doral Arrowwood Hotel and Conference Center in Rye Brook, New York.
Several deciduous shrubs to investigate are Chimonanthus praecox, Allegheny viburnum, hedge maple, common witchhazel and arrowwood viburnum,.