ars gratia artis

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ars gra•ti•a ar•tis

(ˈɑrs ˈgrɑ tiˌɑ ˈɑr tɪs; Eng. ˈɑrz ˈgreɪ ʃi ə ˈɑr tɪs, ɑrs)
art for art's sake.
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Which film company has the Latin motto Ars Gratia Artis (Art for art's sake)?
The art of today has grown self-referential in an uncanny way--a new ars gratia artis.
Rather, the Scroller Club in the Spring of 1952 put on a dazzling production called Ars Gratia Artis, directed and written by Vassal Marcus, and based on Greek and Roman classicism.