ars gratia artis

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ars gra•ti•a ar•tis

(ˈɑrs ˈgrɑ tiˌɑ ˈɑr tɪs; Eng. ˈɑrz ˈgreɪ ʃi ə ˈɑr tɪs, ɑrs)
art for art's sake.
References in classic literature ?
Art for art's sake is a vile catchword, but I confess it appeals to me.
Indisputably momentous in any account of Wilde's development as an aesthetic theorist, "The Decay of Lying" proves equally significant for scholars of the Aesthetic Movement at large, in that what seems to be a testament to individual genius is also, as the essay's title announces, an affirmation of the collaborative, dialogic nature of British theories of art for art's sake.
But the art for art's sake mentality is truly exasperating when Ordinary People is nominated for awards, and Redford's arrogance shows through Callan's writing, making him appear distant and a bit unlikable.
CHOOSE ART FOR ART'S SAKE The bright red piece hanging on the painting-studio wall (C) looks like a bold sculpture, but it's actually the mold for a battleship part.
Their motto used to be Art For Art's Sake - now it's Money For God's Sake.
This critique would offer greater explanatory power for Ziolkowski's reading of, for instance, Walt Whitman's "Passage to India" as a vigorous expression of the messianic impulse in the doctrine of art for art's sake.
Art for art's sake is good and well, and it will always continue.
By refocusing on the relationship between the aesthetic and the human realm in Aestheticism, Comfort seeks to establish the extent to which the art/life and form/content dichotomies are mutually exclusive or whether the principle of art for art's sake has a rehumanizing potential, especially with regard to the artistic receptor.
We don't support art for art's sake, but rather for the social and cultural role it plays," said Susana Rochna, Hivos coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean, speaking from her office in San Jose, Costa Rica.
What Malick has made is most definitely still an art film, with occasionally abstract or non-linear editing choices, but one that is never just art for art's sake.
While I always enjoy seeing my students make the "connection," I also like to keep art for art's sake.
I don't consider myself an artist who does art for art's sake.