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1. (Historical Terms) (in the former Soviet Union) a cooperative union or organization, esp of producers, such as peasants
2. (Historical Terms) (in prerevolutionary Russia) a quasi-cooperative association of people engaged in the same activity
[from Russian artel', from Italian artieri artisans, from arte work, from Latin ars art1]



(in Russia or the Soviet Union) an association of workers or peasants for cooperative effort.
[1880–85; < Russian artél']
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were always during the working season members of an artel.
Artel briefed that the search for a reliable partner has been conducted for already over a year.
Dimetis' strong reputation in the broadcast and telecom markets, combined with Artel's unrivaled reputation for reliability makes the integration of BOSS LINK Manager and DigiLink the perfect solution for transport of video over IP, direct fiber, and optical backbones," said Richard Dellacanonica, President, Artel Video Systems.
Artel director Simon Lavin said the level of exports was set to grow again in the next 12 months.
Artel Video Systems will be demonstrating an innovative new chassis and a series of new function modules for the DigiLink Video Transport platform to meet the growing needs of broadcasters as they migrate towards IP-based infrastructures.
The Artel PCS ensures that a pipette is performing properly, so that it will deliver accurate test results.
Last year, Artel quantum leaped the value chain and launched its own brand of computers, marketed directly to consumers, schools and businesses, and the rest is history.
Industry expert Kevin Khovananth will lead the charge as Artel s west coast laboratory applications specialist.
To facilitate and oversee its decentralized approach, ARUP created an Artel Users Group, bringing together quality control staff from across the organization (lab technologists, quality specialists and group managers).
Artel, which now identifies itself as a liquid handling quality and assurance (Q&A) company, provides two systems for calibration: the PCS, which starts at $10,000 for handheld pipettes, and the MVS, with a price range of $45,000-$55,000 for automated pipette systems.
Contact ARTEL at 25 Bradley Drive, Westbrook, ME 04092; Tel: 207-854-0860; Fax: 207-854-0867.
The launch of Artel Motorsport means car enthusiasts can buy a top performance engine hose directly from the company's factory in Bidford-on-Avon.