Artemisia maritima

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Noun1.Artemisia maritima - plants of western and northern European coastsArtemisia maritima - plants of western and northern European coasts
wormwood - any of several low composite herbs of the genera Artemisia or Seriphidium
genus Seriphidium, Seriphidium - woody plants grown chiefly for their silver or grey and often aromatic foliage; formerly included in the genus Artemisia
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A taxonomic revision of the Artemisia maritima group (Pearson, 1974) demonstrated that the inland populations formerly considered as A.
1974--Biosystematic studies in the Artemisia maritima complex in Europe--opera Botanica 35: 1-188.
Additionally, hares reduced the number of dead Artemisia maritima stems in grassy swards, which otherwise might have hampered grazing by geese.