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Noun1.Arthur Honegger - Swiss composer (born in France) who was the founding member of a group in Paris that included Erik Satie and Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau (1892-1955)Arthur Honegger - Swiss composer (born in France) who was the founding member of a group in Paris that included Erik Satie and Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau (1892-1955)
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Chapter 5 surveys the rich contributions of French composers beginning in the late nineteenth century, including Gabriel Faure's charming Cantique de Racine; the avant-garde output of Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, and Francis Poulenc; the beloved requiems of Maurice Durufle and Faure; and Olivier Messiaen's more traditional O sacrum convivium and innovative Rechants.
Sasnauskas' Chamber Choir) in an impressive 20th century oratorio Le Roi David by Arthur Honegger, a French composer of Swiss heritage.
87), he often clashed with Jean Cocteau and found an unlikely disciple in Arthur Honegger, who used a bouteillophone (introduced in Parade and consisting of water-filled bottles) in one of his own ballets.
L'Aiglon (The Eaglet) premiered in March, 1937, co-composed by Arthur Honegger and Jacques Ibert.
He also received the Prix Arthur Honegger (1977), the Sibelius Prize of the Wihuri Foundation, the National Prize of Poland (both in 1983), the Premio Lorenzo il Magnifico (1985), the University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition (1992), the Prize of the International Music Council/UNESCO (1993) and the Music Prize of the city of Duisburg (1999), the Cannes Award as "Living Composer of the Year" (2000), the Romano Guardini Prize of the Catholic Academy in Bavaria (2002) and the Praemium Imperiale (2004).
The evening will include Pastoral d' ete by Arthur Honegger, Study for solo clarinet and orchestra by Cypriot composer Marios Christou, Fantasy on Themes from Verdi's La Traviata for clarinet and string orchestra by Donato Lovreglio and Symphony no.
El que seria un encuentro definitivo en su formacion euterpeana, en 1944 conocio al notable compositor Olivier Messiaen, con quien estudio armonia en el Conservatorio de Paris; tambien aprenderia por esos anos contrapunto con Andree Vaurabourg, esposa del no menos vital musico suizo Arthur Honegger, y la tecnica dodecafonica, dada su sincera admiracion por la personalidad y la obra del vienes Arnold Schonberg, con Rene Leibowitz.
Stravinsky, Hindemith, Gershwin, Schoenberg, Bartok, Arthur Honegger, Richard Strauss: all these composers Lambert treated as emperors so deficient in clothes that they were ostentatiously dying of pneumonia.
And most delightful of all were Petits Cours de Morale by Arthur Honegger, laconic, pithy, and eye-archingly pointed.
Her flawless rendition of an extract from the opera- comique, The Adventures of King Pausole by Arthur Honegger, was clearly the high point of the evening.
Kodalli studied composition Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris with Arthur Honegger, and orchestral conducting with Jean Fornet, and Nadia Boulanger.
There he studied under, among others, Arthur Honegger and Joseph Martenot, inventor of the electronic Ondes Martenot beloved of Olivier Messiaen.