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Noun1.Arthur Mitchell - United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934)Arthur Mitchell - United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934)
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March 1970: Arthur Mitchell less than a year after he co-founded Dance Theatre of Harlem.
Arthur Mitchell, Edward Villella, Gelsey Kirkland--ballet superstars all.
The dancers include: Louis XIV, John Durang, Marie Taglioni, William Henry 'Juba' Lane, Anna Pavlova, Rudolf Laban, Doris Humphrey, Michio Ito, Mrinalini Sarabhai, Pearl Primus, Amalia Hernandez, and Arthur Mitchell.
She accepted a contract with a ground-breaking company in New York - Dance Theatre Harlem - set up by America's first black ballet dancer, Arthur Mitchell.
8km: 1 Arthur Mitchell (M10, Harlequins) 25-30, 2 Emma Grier (W14) 27-08, 3 Joe Quinney (M12) 32-38.
She was predeceased by her brother, Arthur Mitchell.
Yorkshire is synonymous with some of the greatest names ever to grace a cricket field, and there are significant entries summarising the career and feats of players like Arthur Mitchell, Hedley Verity, Len Hutton and Fred Trueman as well as a whole section on Huddersfield League club Lascelles Hall, who at one time were prodigious in supplying cricketers to the county club.
The big question as we head into the end game is whether Dexter will regret not slicing and dicing Arthur Mitchell when he had the chance, instead of using him as a research project into the minds of serial killers.
These may seem like small things, but in the aggregate, like the additive movements of a Roscoe Mitchell composition or accreting motions of an Arthur Mitchell dance, they add up to a reader's dance with time and sound, a recourse at last, as this novel has it, to "boogaloo largesse.
SPORTING HISTORY: Young cricketer Doug Merryweather, far left, with Yorkshire cricket coach Arthur Mitchell, and, above right, bowls star Aline celebrates silverware success with Thornaby Bowls Club
Wallace has previous experience of Australia and was employed at Yarraman Park Stud for Harry and Arthur Mitchell.