Arthur Symons

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Noun1.Arthur Symons - English poet (1865-1945)
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Tucked away in the extensive papers of the Welsh poet Arthur Symons, the 23 watercolours had been gathering dust at Princeton University since 1951.
In these notes the poets picked out for praise and commentary are William Watson, John Davidson, Richard Le Gallienne, Arthur Symons, Francis Thompson, and Michael Field.
Although most of her work appeared earlier, Mathilde Blind was taken up as something of a cause during the Nineties, with writers usually associated with the era, for example, Arthur Symons, promoting her work.
I would say that impressionistic criticism works very well if you happen to be Walter Pater, less well if you happen to be Arthur Symons, and not at all well if you happen to be Helen Vendler.
Surely the most significant Man of Letters to emerge from the ranks of what is generally regarded as the lesser fin-de-siecle crowd was Arthur Symons (1865-1945), whose pioneering, The Symbolist Movement in Literature (1899) was to prove seminal, introducing French Symbolisme to English literary culture, and, incidentally, introducing also the poetry of Laforgue to T.
Arthur Symons (1865-1945) came from a remote part of Britain--remote, that is, from the perspective of London or Paris.
Nelson explores the friendships he forged with Beardsley and with poets such as Arthur Symons and Ernest Dowson as he built his publishing list, giving them employment when he established his short-lived but controversial, avant-garde, and influential literary magazine, Savoy.
Trent, Brander Matthews, Henry Cabot Lodge, Herbert Grierson, George Saintsbury and Arthur Symons.
Gregory Smith (vice president, manufacturing and distribution, VDK Froz en Foods); Arthur Symons, Jr.
Any study of Aubrey Beardsley, doyen of fin de siecle artist/illustrators evokes immediately a languid aesthete obsessed by his sister and also a member of that enchanted circle which included Beardsley's publisher Leonard Smithers, the poets Arthur Symons and Ernest Dowson and of course Oscar Wilde (with whom Beardsley was associated in the public mind during the sensational Wilde trials).
In some issues she was seconded by Arthur Symons and Watts-Dunton.
One evening the English poet, Arthur Symons, brought the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, to meet him.