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In the Articulata we can commence a series with an optic nerve merely coated with pigment, and without any other mechanism; and from this low stage, numerous gradations of structure, branching off in two fundamentally different lines, can be shown to exist, until we reach a moderately high stage of perfection.
Impact of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry combined with gas chromatography and olfactometry for the sex differentiation of Baccharis articulata by the analysis of volatile compounds.
Effect of extraction method on chemical composition, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of essential oil from the leaves of Algerian Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) masters.
Construction woods including peg, posts, beams, ceilings, roof supports, and attics were provided by species like Psychotria articulata, Spondianthus preussi, Anthocleista vogelii and Cleistopholis patens as well as small individuals of Alstonia congensis and Xylopia rubescens.
Grenadier -Erramane Myrtaceae Eucalyptus grandis Kalitous Tetraclinis articulata Aaraar (Vahl) Masters Nitrariaceae Peganum harmala L.
Formation a Atractylis serratuloides, Thymelaea microphylla, Bassia muricata, Salsola vermiculata, Anabasis articulata, Ferula cossoniana, Atractylis humilis, Pegannum harmala, Plantago albicans, etc.
At Chebka altitude is about 1475 m and vegetation is dominated by Steppa tenassima sparsed by some small evergreen oaks, Quercus ilex, thuyas, Tetraclinis articulata, and mastics, Pistacia lentiscus.
Atranorin, fumarprotocetraric acid and (+)-usnic acid were isolated from Usnea articulata as previously reported (Lohezic-Le Devehat et al.