Artificial person

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The national regulations on the amparo confirm the personal nature of the proceedings, also configuring the concept of "injured party" who may bring such an action to court as "any natural or artificial person whose constitutional rights are harmed or that are in a situation of imminent danger of being harmed by any disposition, act or resolution, and in general, by any action or omission from any public officer, authority or its agents"--art.
An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nation, composed, in some rare instances, of a single person and his successors, being the incumbents of a particular office, but ordinarily consisting of an association of numerous individuals.
This paper focuses on probing intelligence that already exists within an artificial person, and exploring the organisational extended-mindedness that sees natural and artificial persons use many minds in pursuing their goals.
If the sponsor is artificial person, its head office in the country or any branch office.
What I am interested in, however, is not Facebook, which is, after all, a foreign company, but the criminal liability that may now also be extended to the 'state' in Pakistan, which is also, like a corporation, a legal artificial person.
7 CORPORATIONS REPRINTED FROM RULING CASE LAW [section]3 (1915) ("The corporation is the real though artificial person substituted for the natural persons who procured its creation .
Otherwise there would be no persons--not even male persons--in Hobbes's commonwealth, which is itself a single artificial person represented by the sovereign).
Under the new statutory instrument (amending that of 2006), towing, handling and lighterage (loading and unloading of a ship by means of boats) are to be carried now whether by a physical person of an Algerian nationality or an artificial person of an Algerian right benefiting from a concession (meeting the conditions of professional skills and the terms of the convention and specifications), whereas the previous instrument did not require the nationality of the operators.
As an artificial person, plaintiff has not shown how it experienced the kind of constitutional injury that has been found in such cases," the 10th Circuit ruled.
Is a transfer of an unencumbered interest in real property to a newly created or existing artificial person subject to the deed tax?
They created an artificial person or "robot" to ensure strangers did not get access.
According to the legend of Faust, Faust created an artificial person through powers granted by the Devil.