Artificial fuel

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fuel consisting of small particles, as coal dust, sawdust, etc., consolidated into lumps or blocks.

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Liverpool chemist Andrew Kurtz lodged a patent to improve the manufacture of artificial fuel made from coal, coke and other materials.
Talking action in view of reports regarding artificial fuel shortage fuel shortage especially in southern Punjab, the spokesman said the authority chairman had constituted a high-level Monitoring and Enforcement Committee led by the authority's Vice-Chairman to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply, across the country.
According to the information obtained by Debkafile sources, the blast occurred inside the reactor building when preparations were under way for a test with artificial fuel and light water.
PNN On Monday, 11th June, Israeli occupation forces opened Karam Abu Salim Crossing, south of Gaza Strip and allowed the admission of 240 trucks loaded with goods, aid and artificial fuel needed to operate the electricity station in Gaza.
This could be accomplished, the guidelines suggest, by designing devices so that they have an "absolute dependence on a single artificial fuel source or artificial 'vitamins' that don't exist in any natural environment.