Artist's proof

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a very early proof impression of an engraving, or the like; - often distinguished by the artist's signature.

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It is an artist's proof from Berley's personal collection and an extremely important addition to Wales' national collection.
With Giclees it is worth checking out the actual print run, number of artist's proofs and whether it is the only print run.
won the framed, autographed artist's proof of "New Beginnings," the introductory painting in the Celebration Series from AGROTAIN International LLC.
This is the artist's proof of an edition of three; the editions belong to MoMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the publisher Peter Brant (the seller is reported to be that other publisher-collector, Benedikt Taschen).
One jockey who won the race three times was Freddie Fox on Artist's Proof (1929), Epicure (1932) and Monkshood (1934).
AN artist's proof of one of Sir Kyffin Williams' Snowdonia inspired works raised pounds 1,800 in a raffle.
Until around 1992, a lot of my pictures were unique with an artist's proof.
Highlights include a Helen Frankenthaler signed 5-color screen print artist's proof titled "Spoleto," a Larry Rivers signed and dated (1968) mixed media cigar-box sculpture titled "Dutch Masters," and a Paul Jenkins signed and dated (1971) abstract lithograph in blues and greens, 3/100.
learn to use the correct terms for pulling and numbering an edition of prints, and for designating a print as an artist's proof.