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Arts and Crafts

pl n
(Art Movements) decorative handicraft and design, esp that of the Arts and Crafts movement, in late nineteenth-century Britain, which sought to revive medieval craftsmanship
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Noun1.Arts and Crafts - the arts of decorative design and handicraftarts and crafts - the arts of decorative design and handicraft; "they sponsored arts and crafts in order to encourage craftsmanship in an age of mass production"
handicraft - a craft that requires skillful hands
artistic creation, artistic production, art - the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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WAYNESVILLE, Ohio -- Record Number of Arts and Craft Booths - 500, plus 58 Food Booths
There is even evidence that shows that arts and craft bring wider benefits to the community and society; for example, in terms of improved health, greater social inclusion, curbing loneliness and stronger cultural ties.
Johnson gave a lecture outlining the beginnings of the Arts and Crafts movement, key figures in this movement and offered tips and techniques on creating the Arts and Craft look using Minwax wood coating products.
Since the founding of Provo Craft in 1963, the arts and craft company has worked to deliver innovative, affordable, and quality products.
BALTIMORE -- Vertis Communications today announced the results of its proprietary Customer Focus(R) 2006: Arts and Crafts study, which reveals that 34 percent of adults get involved in arts and craft because they feel passionate about their projects.
The festival includes ``Taste of Encino,'' featuring specialties of local restaurants and an arts and crafts fair.
Department of Interior's Indian Arts and Crafts Board (IACB) has awarded Potomac Management Group, Inc.
Andrew's Abbey, where the monks and numerous artists are holding their 45th annual fall arts and crafts festival featuring handmade quilts and other folk art, as well as Father Maur's world-famous angel-faced Abbey Ceramics.
Andrew's Abbey, home to the popular Valyermo Fall Festival, is embarking on a $10 million-plus plan to build a new arts and crafts center, welcome center, church, library, and kitchen and refectory dining room.
is an arts and crafts specialty retailer providing materials, ideas and education for creative activities.
Feher was just one of more than 140 artists who came to ply their trade Saturday at the 35th annual Woodland Hills Rotary Club Arts and Crafts Faire.
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