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An autonomous territory of the Netherlands in the Lesser Antilles north of the Venezuela coast. It is a popular Caribbean resort area. Oranjestad is the capital.

A·ru′ban adj. & n.


(əˈruːbə; Dutch ɑˈryːbaː)
(Placename) an island in the Caribbean, off the NW coast of Venezuela, a dependency of the Netherlands with special status; part of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986. Chief town: Oranjestad. Pop: 109 153 (2013 est). Area: about 181 sq km (70 sq miles)


(əˈru bə)

a self-governing Dutch island in the S Caribbean, off the NW coast of Venezuela: formerly (1845–1986) a part of the Netherlands Antilles. 62,500; 75 sq. mi. (193 sq. km).
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Noun1.Aruba - a popular island resort in the Netherlands AntillesAruba - a popular island resort in the Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles - a group of islands in the Lesser Antilles just to the north of Venezuela that are administered by The Netherlands
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