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Noun1.Asamiya - the Magadhan language spoken by the Assamese people; closely related to Bengali
Magadhan - a subfamily of Indic languages
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Kurosu N, Sugiura H, Iwasaki C, Asamiya Y, Kojima C, Moriyama T, et al.
Prasanta Kumar, the Khairabari correspondent of the Assamese daily Asamiya Pratidin, was shot and attacked by a group of five people on June 18 while returning home on his motorbike.
After setting out theoretical preliminaries and summarizing Indo-Aryan as a whole, she covers Asamiya in the east, Nepali in the north, Kashmiri in the west, and Rajasthani in the center.
On the other hand, definiteness-marking, which is at least partly suffixal in the languages concerned, is discussed under syntax for Bangla and under morphology for Asamiya.