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Noun1.Asamiya - the Magadhan language spoken by the Assamese people; closely related to Bengali
Magadhan - a subfamily of Indic languages
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After setting out theoretical preliminaries and summarizing Indo-Aryan as a whole, she covers Asamiya in the east, Nepali in the north, Kashmiri in the west, and Rajasthani in the center.
On the other hand, definiteness-marking, which is at least partly suffixal in the languages concerned, is discussed under syntax for Bangla and under morphology for Asamiya.
The editor has used Indian names for languages and places; the reader may be put off by Asamiya (the usage "Assamese" is more common), and some may not be conversant with the terms Bangla (Bengali), Farsi (Persian), or Arabi (Arabic).