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Noun1.Asanga - Indian religious leader and founder of the Yogacara school of Buddhism in India (4th century)
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Asanga Amerisinghe has brought the project together and is worldrenowned for his intricate and stunning work with ice - to launch the Ice Kingdom he carved a soaring rugby ball.
Asanga Marasinghe, Managing Director, IFS Bangladesh, added that, "We are extremely pleased to commence what is expected to be a very fruitful relationship with the Runner Group and its flagship company Runner Automobiles.
Asanga Denuwara snaffled 3-15, Amith Tilakaratne 3-26 and Loshan Amarasinghe 2-0 before openers Suresh Lakmal (33) and Mohamed Nilam (32) reached 67-0 in 11 overs.
Asanga Ranasinghe, Vice President Home & Personal Care, highlighted, "Unilever works to create a better future every day.
According to this legend, after meditating in a cave Asanga emerged to find a sick stray dog with sores covered in maggots.
Com Hem has invested a great deal of time and effort into the TiVo service and we're thrilled to make it available to our customers," said Asanga Gunatillaka, Chief Product Officer at Com Hem.
Thank you to Rohan Edrisinha, Asanga Welikala, Ravi Nair, Marius Pieterse, Kiran Kothari, and Ravi Nessman for their insightful comments on this Article.
Jansz said the new owner, Asanga Seneviratne, wanted her to 'curb her style of writing and compromise her credibility'.
Along with Doctor Penny, Asanga Silva will also be speaking at the Weightloss Show.
Two 4th century monks, Asanga and his half brother Vasubandhu, are considered the actual founders of the Yogacaran school.
However, Neeham writes that "Tantrism of Asanga flourished at 400 CE and was translated into Chinese as early as 5th century" but says these are based on older texts such as the known Guhya-samaja Tantra ascribed to the third century CE (Needham 1983).