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n.1.(Chem.) A crystallized substance, resembling camphor, obtained from the Asarum Europæum; - called also camphor of asarum.
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Monoterpene hydrocarbons, sequestrine ketones, (trans- or Alpha) Asarone (2,4,5-trimethoxy-l-propenylbenzene), and beta-asarone (cis-isomer) and eugenol were also identified (Balakumbahan et al.
Effect of asarone on experimentally induced conflict neurosis in rats.
Bioanalytical investigation of asarone in connection with acorus calamus oil intoxications.
Taken together, the plant appears to contain phytochemical constituents, notably one of which is asarone with strong sedative properties.
Keywords: Asarone Colorectal cancer Lamins Cell senescence Oct-1
Among aromatics with allyl, propenyl and/or methoxy side chains, safrole and asarone showed similar trypanocidal activity, safrole being a little bit more active than asarone.
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