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or A.S.C.,

American Society of Cinematographers.


var. of asco- before a vowel or h: aschelminth.
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The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 is pleased to announce the formation of a Marketing Task Group, charged with expanding ASC X12's reach into new markets via creative and comprehensive communication vehicles.
Welsch, president and CEO of ASC, said "This is an excellent opportunity to expand and diversify our fleet, enabling ASC to continue to provide the reliable and flexible service that our customers have come to expect from us for nearly 100 years.
Walt, Terry and Michael are invaluable assets to our company and we are pleased to have them continue bringing extra value to ASC," said Tim Liston, president of ASC.
We are very pleased to now have ASC as an integral part of the UCI family," said Bruce Zorich, CEO of UCI.
Our alliance with SDS brings lenders the ability to reduce long-term costs and boost their profitability, despite the slowdown in the mortgage industry," said Tim Liston of ASC.
H Boyle B, EL, T; K Brady E, H, ASC; C Briggs RM; C Briggs B, H, PE; A Brook E, ME, SOC; H Calligan ASC, BUS bt dbl; R Carter B, C, E, H; G Chamberlain PHO, ME, PY; D Cliberon DRA, E, TX; J Coleman EL, T, H; J Collins A, E, ASC; A Cowton B, C, HS bt; C Dawson A, EL, H; O Dawson DRA, EL, PY; B Dyson T, H, ASC; K Emmott B, EL, PY.
The symposium's discussion panel will focus on determining whether your ASC is ready for a liquidity event, as well as partnering with a management company to grow your ASC and position for a liquidity event.
13 news release, the ASC said the increase will likely trim recent deficits and help it address the increased workload that is expected with new authorizations under the Dodd-Frank Act.
the presiding official, bid farewell to Dellarocco and thanked him for his outstanding tour of duty as ASC director.
Our ASC program for VNSE included rectal swab cultures performed upon admission to the NICU.
ASC has a unique way of working with each real estate client, as they make you feel as one of the family.