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(Placename) a region of SW Saudi Arabia, in the Southern Province on the Red Sea: under Turkish rule until 1933. Area: 81 000 sq km (31 000 sq miles)



a region in SW Saudi Arabia.
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This competency domain identified the ASEN was able to contribute to client/patient assessment using advanced skills and knowledge to produce a holistic assessment and to determine the health status and nursing needs of a client/patient or group.
And while Asen hopes to stay and work in England after graduating - "anywhere but Bulgaria", he said - many others he knows here do not share his enthusiasm.
Cops allegedly found 20 grams of the drug hidden in a child seat, and Asen, who denies knowing it was there could be jailed for up to six years.
They illuminate the differential power relations among diverse publics of a multiple public sphere," writes Asen (2000, p.
Writing for therapists and other practitioners in the helping professions, Asen, a consulting child and adolescent psychiatrist in London, and Scholz (emeritus child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, U.
13 October 2009 - A human-to-pig transmission of H1N1 has been confirmed in the municipality of Asen in the Norwegian county of Nord-Trondelag.
Robert Asen (Associate Professor of Rhetoric in the Communication Arts Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison) presents Invoking the Invisible Hand: Social Security and the Privatization Debates, a close examination of the modern-day debate concerning proposals to privatize Social Security.
Iran exported some 1 billion and 243 million dollars of various non-oil exports to the ASEN member sates in 2008, while the figure in 2007 stood at $465 million, deputy head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Babak Afghahi, said.
State Minister Kursad Tuzmen, who is currently in Bulgaria to boost trade between the two countries, had meetings with Bulgaria's Regional Development & Public Works Minister Asen Gagaouzov and Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski.
I Love Hip Hop in Morocco' came about after American Brooklynite Josh Asen, on a Fulbright fellowship to research hip-hop, wandered through the souqs of the Marrakech medina and found a world of inspiration.
We wish to extend special acknowledgement and thanks to those who reviewed for this issue: Robert Asen, Michael Lane Bruner, Jeffrey Hobbs, Michael Hoppmann, John Ishiyama, Robert Ivie, James Janack, Geoffrey Klinger, Barbara Pickering, Mary Stuckey, Mark Wright, and Joseph Zompetti.
Los chorizos y salchichas, si son muy gruesos, deben pincharse con un tenedor para que se asen bien y no se queme por fuera.