a.1.Of the color of ashes; a whitish gray or brownish gray.
References in classic literature ?
He was a thin, hard-featured man, with an ascetic, acquiline cast of face, grizzled and hollow-cheeked, clean-shaven with the exception of the tiniest curved promontory of ash-colored whisker.
Except for a few splashes of color, the stage is as dreary as a cellblock, with men wearing dark suits and moving between ash-colored columns and tables.
The witness told police the woman, who was seen crossing a junction about 100 meters south of the school, was carrying a cane and what looked like an ash-colored package in her right hand.
Siva is usually depicted as white or ash-colored, with a blue neck, his hair arranged in a coil of matted locks and adorned with the crescent moon and the Ganges.