(ăsh′bĕr′ē, -bə-rē), John Born 1927.
American poet who is one of the original New York School writers, noted for his formal experimentation and connection to visual art. He won a Pulitzer Prize for Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (1975).


(ˈæʃˌbɛr i, -bə ri)
John, born 1927, U.S. poet.
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When John Ashbery died last summer, I was reminded of the novel he co-wrote with James Schuyler, A Nest of Ninnies, which remains largely unknown though it is one of the best post-modern novels.
Ashbery fue heredero y continuador de la mejor tradicion lirica del siglo xx.
John Ashbery, the enigmatic poet whose efforts took American poetry to new heights of excellence and dynamism, passed away at the age of 90 on Sunday.
A professor and literary critic, Roffman befriended Ashbery in 2005, and the book is drawn from hours of conversation with the poet as well as the unprecedented access he granted her to personal papers dating back to his childhood.
Elizabeth Bishop and John Ashbery come next, inventing and empowering a "language of flux" (59).
Ashbery instead develops a poetic temporality that embraces "standing still," drawing on the lyric poem's capacity to capture a short moment out of the linear narrative of everyday life.
Wild swings of idiom and diction are now standard in American poetry, but few accomplish these with as much high-wire intellectual panache: reading this is what reading John Ashbery might feel like if Ashbery's day job were as a research physicist.
Previous winners of the Stevens award include John Ashbery and Adrienne Rich.
At various stages in his career, Carter chose texts for his song cycles from the main lineage of American modernism: Eliot, Pound, Moore, Stevens, Crane, Bishop, Lowell, Ashbery.
Maybe crickets, one might think, or old age advancing up the stairs, or even something on Halloween somewhere out in the woods beyond town or in the old cemetery on a moonlit night, but the folks in most of Ohio are wise enough to know the difference between reading something and seeing it on stage, although they might want to ask Ashbery to visit them some time.
He and Rivers had met at a party held by Ashbery ("Parties were 'given'/we 'went" read O'Hara's next lines), the kind of gathering where guests enjoyed, in Joe LeSueur's wonderful description, ample martinis, Manhattans, and "a few bags of potato chips.
The new team includes Bayan Osborne, who specialises in the Amwaj Muharraq area, and Cathleen Collins, Francine Williamson, Sarah Ashbery, and Jennifer Perry who specialise in Saar, Jasra and Riffa Views.