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or a·si·a·go  (ä′sē-ä′gō, ä-syä′-)
A firm, usually pale yellow, Italian cheese ranging in texture from smooth to crumbly, depending on the length of its aging.

[After Asiago, Italy, commune where it originated.]


(Cookery) either of two varieties (ripened or fresh) of a cow's-milk cheese produced in NE Italy
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five were One in 10 of who joined were killed A month later, the Warwicks were moved up to the Asiago Plateau, where they were attacked on June 15 by the Austrians seeking to break through to the Plain of Lombardy and the great city of Milan.
Who has heard of Ghino Venturi (1884-1970), designer of the castle-like sacrario at Oslavia, or of Orfeo Rossato (1885-1937), who raised a huge memorial arch on the Asiago plateau, or of Felice Nori, who was responsible for the strange sacrario tower on the Montello ridge (Fig.
On the Asiago plateau, a simplified quadrifons triumphal arch rises above the sacrario militate, while the strange ossuary erected on the Montello ridge has over-scaled neo-classical detail reminiscent of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806).
In his talk at the Durham Light Infantry Museum and Durham Art Gallery, which starts at 2pm, David will highlight the role of each DLI Battalion, tell of the fighting at the Asiago Plateau, and of the last great battle in October 1918 at Vittorio Veneto that forced the Austrians to sue for peace.
Brigadier Meek said: 'In March 1918 three British divisions were deployed to the Asiago Plateau and among the troops was the 143 Infantry Brigade.
Privately owned by the Gianfranco Finco family since 1946, it sits in the town of Enego on the Asiago Plateau.
The enemy was held at the River Piave and in the new year, the Warwicks were moved up to the Asiago Plateau, where they were attacked on June 15 as part of a broader enemy push at the Piave.
Their Asiago is from Casearia Monti Trentini in the town of Enego the Vincenza Provence on the Asiago Plateau in northeastern Italy.
The British took to front line positions on the Asiago Plateau in Mantua region.
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