Asian American

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A·sian A·mer·i·can

also A·sian-A·mer·i·can  (ā′zhən-ə-mĕr′ĭ-kən)
A US citizen or resident of Asian ancestry. See Usage Note at Amerasian.

A′sian-A·mer′i·can adj.
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Noun1.Asian American - an American who is of Asian descent
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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Global Asian American Popular Cultures, an edited volume by Shilpa Dave, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha Oren, contains 22 essays by scholars who interrogate the presence of Asian American creative works and the position of Asian Americans in both the U.
Asian American Voices in 2016 Election' was a nonpartisan, scientific effort to poll registered Asian American and Pacific Islander voters on issues of civic engagement, according to Karthick Ramakrishnan, who directed the survey.
Kwon and other supporters of an Asian American studies department were disappointed when the college denied tenure to Dr.
Recent years have seen a significant increase in survey data on Asian Americans from such sources as the collaborative National Asian American Survey (NAAS) and AAPI Data, a project that I direct.
His topics are ethnic community basketball before 1945; Asian American community basketball 1945-65; crossing sidelines: Asian Americans and intercultural basketball to 1945; crossing sidelines 1945-65; Asian American college and professional hoops to 1965; and Asian American hoops, cosmopolitan canopies, and cultural democracy since 1965.
Cultural traditions and social aspirations drive Asian American shopping behaviors and are also resonating with many mainstream consumers, which increases return on investments and magnifies the business case for reaching this consumer base.
They are hosting a networking and roundtable discussion for Asian American general counsel at Vedder Price's Chicago office.
According to the survey by the Asian American Justice Center, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote and the National Asian American Survey, Obama won an estimated 2.
And, in the comprehensive National Asian American Survey, 9 percent of respondents reported being unfairly denied a job or fired, and 12.
s understanding of the role of luminal marginality in the self-understanding of Asian American Catholics needs some qualification.
Asian American Christianity is a timely and much-needed book that makes a significant contribution to the growing study of Asian-American Christianity, providing broader and more diverse perspectives than are available in most other sources on the topic.

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