1. The act or process of making or becoming Asian in character, culture, or outlook.
2. Development of more complex, integral relations among Asian nations, apart from external involvements.
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Aseanization is pervasive, even if Southeast Asianization is not.
I go on to analyze what I refer to as the notion of globalization as Asianization, which has guided Santiago's foreign policy for the past quarter of a century (Arnson and Heine 2014).
On a tangential note, China's recently announced Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank underscores the importance of this volume's theme of the Asianization of the post-GEC architecture.
Toronto's East Gallery reflects the Asianization of Canada's economy, and Asia now has a "film summit" in Toronto.
The US al-Monitor website wrote that Sanctions have shifted Iran's international trade direction from the West to the East, thus a trade policy of Asianization or Easternization.
Rather than describing world history as a process of Europeanization or Asianization, he claims 'it would be better to say that both West and East are in the process of creating a hybrid culture, one that will transcend and replace all of its predecessors'.
See also Funabashi, "The Asianization of Asia," Foreign Affairs, November/December 1993.
Second, there is the role played by the indigenous leadership in the implementation of the "three-self theory" versus the "trustee model" of missions, in which Europeans were needed to lead the local churches to ensure orthodox theology, liturgy, and church order as a mechanism to subvert indigenous leadership and the Africanization and Asianization of Christianity.
The so-called Asianization of campus fellowships resulted, in part, from the overall immigration influx since quotas and restrictions eased in the mid-1960s.
In other ballads and writing, Banjo repeated his warning of the Asianization of the outback, especially the Northern Territory:
Kailash Khandke, Furman University, and Veena Khandke, University of South Carolina, Upstate, "The Asianization of Asia: The Case for India"
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