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 (ăz′ĭ-môv′, -mŏv′), Isaac 1920-1992.
Russian-born American scientist and prolific writer whose works include popular explanations of scientific principles and volumes of science fiction, including The Foundation Trilogy (1951-1953).


(Biography) Isaac. 1920–92, US writer and biochemist, born in Russia. His science-fiction works include Foundation Trilogy (1951–53; sequel 1982) and the collection of stories I, Robot (1950)


(ˈæz əˌmɔf, -ˌmɒf)

Isaac, 1920–92, U.S. science and science-fiction writer, born in Russia.
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Noun1.Asimov - United States writer (born in Russia) noted for his science fiction (1920-1992)
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Asimov's actual birthday is unknown, being sometime between October 4, 1919 and January 2, 1920, though Asimov himself settled on January 2.
A keynote luncheon with The New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov will serve as the official start of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium on Jan.
An Asimov Companion: Characters, Places and Terms in the Robot/Empire/Foundation Metaseries
MERLE Haggard, US music star, 1937 MYLEENE Klass, UK singer, 1978, above RAPHAEL, Italian painter and architect, 1483 TAMMY Wynette, US country star, 1998, above ISAAC Asimov, author and scientist, 1992 IGOR Stravinsky, Russian composer, 1971
At the bottom of a long list of contributing consultants, it read: "Chapter Introductions written by Isaac Asimov.
Casi decidi pasarlo por alto, en particular al ver que citaba, como no, a Isaac Asimov y sus muy famosas tres leyes de la robotica.
in chemistry, Asimov was continuing his literary writing, both nonfiction and science fiction.
com)-- 67 Wine announces the next installment of it's new 67 Wine-Book Club, to be held Friday, March 27th, from 5-7PM at their store, hosted by Eric Asimov.
In the introduction to The Complete Robot, a 1982 compendium of his robot tales, Asimov explains that as a sci-fi-reading teenager, he found that the stories tended to fit largely into one of two categories: Robot as Menace, which essentially reworked the Frankenstein myth of the rebellious creation; or Robot as Pathos, which imagined them as lovable companions, often abused by human overseers.
Isaac Asimov 1950s Foundation series is headed for HBO thanks to Jonathan Nolan, Interstellar screenwriter and brother of Christopher, who is adapting the seven-part book series for the network.
From authors Isaac Asimov and Jack Williamson to contemporary authors like Daniel Wilson and Madeline Ashby, robotic storylines encompass themes from robots who kill, love, or lie to those who can even regenerate.
Structural semiotic approximation to "Fundacion" by Isaac Asimov