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Noun1.Asklepios - son of ApolloAsklepios - son of Apollo; a hero and the Roman god of medicine and healing; his daughters were Hygeia and Panacea
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Book one, Gamers and Gods: AES (ISBN: 978-1503091627) covers the battle of Asklepios (Aes) against the Devourer of Millions (Am-heh).
and the statues of Hermes (dedicated to Pan) and Asklepios (dedicated to Zeus), Friedland considers the function of a number of "visiting deities" (table 8), of which Artemis, Aphrodite, Dionysos, Eros, and Kybele (cat.
Spread over 53,000 square metres, Healthpoint is a 74-bed facility managed by Germany's Asklepios, one of Europe's leading private hospital operators with over 26,500 beds under management.
Professor Karl Oldhafer, chief physician of general and visceral surgery at the Asklepios Hospital Hamburg-Barmbek, poses before a liver surgery, one of the first surgeries of its kind in Germany with the support of a tablet computer to access and visualize planning data, in Hamburg recently.
of Verona, Italy) uses the iconographies and the texts about these magical gems as documents to understand the most refined religious thought of Roman imperial theologists, concentrating on the Egyptian Kronos, the Indian Shiva, and the Greek Asklepios.
Asklepios, medicine, and the politics of healing in fifth-century Greece; between craft and cult.
05 Epidaurus was a small city in ancient Greece, reputed to be the birthplace of Apollo's son Asklepios, god of healing and recipient of the original Hippocratic oath.
Seintwar y duw Asklepios oedd yna, ac mae'r adeiladau wedi'u codi ar y gwastadedd rhwng bryniau hudolus gwlad Groeg ynghanol nifer o goed pin.
The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), Edison, NJ, and Asklepios Biopharmaceutical (Askbio), Inc.
The group-fantasy origins of AIDS," in The AIDS Cult, edited by John Lauritsen and Ian Young, Asklepios USA, 1997.
The God of Healing, Asklepios, had two daughters: Panacea, goddess of healing or clinical medicine, and Hygeia, goddess of good health, public health, or preventive medicine.