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The capital of Eritrea, in the western part of the country at an altitude of about 2,225 m (7,300 ft). It was used as a base for the Italian invasion of Ethiopia (1935-1936).


(Placename) the capital of Eritrea; cathedral (1922); Grand Mosque (1937); university (1958). Pop: 615 000 (2005 est)


(ɑsˈmɑr ə)

the capital of Eritrea, in the N part. 276,355.
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Noun1.Asmara - the capital of EritreaAsmara - the capital of Eritrea    
Eritrea, State of Eritrea - an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea; achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1993
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Eugene's own mayor, Kitty Piercy, was a Peace Corps volunteer teaching elementary school in Asmara, Ethiopia (the present-day Eritrea).
Similarly, the fighting in Somalia today can be seen as being fuelled by Asmara, Ethiopia and Washington--just as its piracy is by those rich nations or their proxies who steal the country's fish and deposit their toxic waste in its seas.
The Cheese Shop in Morpeth has become the favourite of the King and Queen of Asmara, Ethiopia.