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 (ə-sō′kə, -shō′-) Known as "the Great." Died 232 bc.
King of Magadha (273-232) who united most of the Indian subcontinent under one rule and was converted to Buddhism, establishing it as the state religion.


(əˈsəʊkə; əˈʃəʊ-)
(Biography) died 232 bc, Indian emperor (?273–232 bc), who elevated Buddhism to the official state religion


(əˈsoʊ kə)

died 232 B.C., Buddhist king in India 269?–232? B.C.
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It is important to study the teachings of Buddha, Asoka and Manu, among others, in order to understand the theories that permeate the country.
According to a message received here from Colombo, Asoka Pieris, a leading furniture producing company of Sri Lanka expressed these views during a meeting with PFC delegation headed by its Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq here on Wednesday currently on tour to Sri Lanka.
Tenders are invited for usr - providing and fixing aluminium partition works and mosquito net in doors and windows at asoka bungalow.
In Sri Lanka, the Mitirigala Nissarana Vanaya ( founded by Asoka Weeraratna) is the centre of mindfulness training.
After listing the Buddhist literature featuring Asoka, she observes: "their reliability as sources of biographical information is uncorroborated by anything written during or even close to his own time" (p.
It was built to enshrine the redistributed holy relics of the Buddha by the famous Mauryan king Asoka the great who was also known as Dharmaraja for his services to Buddhism.
German based provider of financial services Deutsche Bank on Monday reported that Asoka Wohrmann and Stefan Bender are to become the new heads of Private and Commercial Banking at the bank.
Muscat: Asoka Girihagama, Sri Lanka's ambassador in Oman, was recalled by the Lankan government on July 30, one month before the end of his term, an embassy official in Muscat said.
That is not the case with Asoka the Great, the Indian monarch of the third century B.
They discuss Buddhism in Chinese literature, the Chinese god Nezha and his Indian roots in stories about Nalakubara and Krsna, the role of the god Yama in India, the conceptions of the figure of the Buddha in terms of sex, the Asoka legend in the Wuyue period, how major monasteries in premodern China constructed monastic family lines going back to India, the legends of Bodhidharma for understanding the origin of Chinese Chan Buddhism, nirvana and insentience in Buddhism, and Daoism.
The consultations were attended from the Omani side by Plenipotentiary Minister Khamis bin Thani al-Manthri, Acting Head of the West Asia Department, Plenipotentiary Minister Mahmoud bin Khamis al-Hina'ei, Head of the Office of Undersecretary of the Minsitry for Diplomatic Affairs and a number of officials at the Ministry whilst it was attended from the Sri Lankan side by Madokandi Asoka Kumara, ambassador of the Republic of Sri Lanka to the Sultanate and members of the delegation accompanying the guest.
Poole will be based in London and report to co-chief investment officers, Randy Brown and Asoka Wohrmann.