Assay master

an officer who assays or tests gold or silver coin or bullion.

See also: Assay

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Assay master Michael Allchin said: "I think the British jewellery trade has a genuine grievance over the Government's 1999 Hallmarking Act, which means jewellery made abroad can now be stamped as being made in the UK.
Michael Allchin, Birmingham Assay Master, said he was delighted at Ms Alexander's appointment.
The downturn in consumer confidence is hitting British jewellery firms which have seen a massive reduction in the number of gold items sold, Birmingham's Assay Master told a meeting yesterday.
Alongside Stephen, the judging panel consisted of Michael Allchin, Assay Master from Birmingham Assay Office, Karine Hauser from interior design company Hauser Design, Russell West from Nine Two Five Silver Limited (Silver Design and Commissions), Professor Norman Cherry from the School of Jewellery, UCE and Bob War-man, anchorman from ITV Central News.
Michael Allchin, assay master at Birmingham, said: "The real decline has been triggered by the increase in precious metal prices.
Michael Allchin, chief executive and assay master of Birmingham Assay Office, sees this as significant move which offers new opportunities for the UK jewellery industry.
Michael Allchin, Birmingham Assay Master, said that in England the assay and hallmarking of gold and silver originally dated back to 1300 and is the earliest form of consumer protection.
A judging panel has now been set up to vet the entries including Prof Norman Cherry, from the UCE's School of Jewellery, ITV Central News presenter Bob Warman and Michael Allchin, Assay Master from Birmingham Assay Office.
Breakfast Connections remains one of Birmingham Forward and Birmingham Chamber's most established networking events and attendees were welcomed by Assay Master Michael Allchin and the Curator Sally Baggott from The Birmingham Assay OOce.
Birmingham's Assay Master at that time, Henry Westwood, began collecting silver with the idea that eventually the collection would house at least one object for each year of Birmingham's operation.
Robert Matthews, formerly the Queen's Assay Master until he retired to become a coin consultant four years ago, said confidence in coins collapsed in other countries when forgery rates reached similar levels.
Robert Matthews, who used to work as the Queen's Assay Master at the Royal Mint, said: "In 2004 the South African five rand coin had to be redesigned as people started refusing to take it.