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Noun1.assessee - a person (or property) that is assessed
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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Will the assessee or taxpayer be under the dual control of central and state authorities?
With the app) most of the work the assessee can discharge without any external help sitting at home," the minister said.
The initial communication to these 60,000 entities will go via the online medium, the It Department will also undertake search and survey action as well as seek physical documents from the assessee as part of the operation.
The AR context-aware module is situated cognition by using AR to integrate human-computer-context interactions, and it reduces the assessment effort while assessors assess every assessee at the same time.
Only 34 to 57 percent organizations carry out long-term processes such as: 1) Providing evaluations to higher management, 2) Coaching of employees by immediate supervisor, 3) Discussing assessee's training and development needs with the supervisor, 4) Discussing career plans in feedback process, 5) Reassessing employees later, who performed poorly, 6) Telling assessees whether they have potential for advancement, 7) Initiating developmental plans, 8) Assessment center staff monitoring development of assessee and 9) Evaluation becoming a part of the employee's personnel file.
He contended that the provisional tax assessment was performed if the concerned assessee did not file the tax return.
The notification also meant that "no deduction in respect of any other expenditure or allowance arising from the transaction with a person located in Cyprus shall be allowed unless the assessee maintains and furnishes the prescribed information".
However, to avail this benefit, the assessee should not own more than one house other than the new asset on the date of transfer.
If such amount is larger than the amount of the profits of the business, then such excess comes for absorption from the profits and gains from any other businesses carried out by the assessee (GM).
The founding objectives include - providing an employment avenue for unemployed or partially employed graduates and reduction the cost of compliance for small tax payers - leading to an increased assessee base for the Government.
In case of a woman assessee, the threshold limit increased from Rs.
The assessee was expected to demonstrate all the indicative behaviours in order to be declared competent.
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