Associated movements

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(Physiol.) consensual movements which accompany voluntary efforts without our consciousness.
- Dunglison.

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As KAF's flight safety champion, she mitigated a taxi hazard by removing T-walls to improve ramp/taxiway visibility and served as a stake holder on the Infrastructure Planning Board, ensuring that de-scope associated movements did not impact flight operations.
In this volume he describes the nature and activities of Al Qaeda and associated movements (AQAM), describing how it has evolved from a small, centralized group based in Afghanistan into a geographically-broad, ideological entity that does not depend on a centralized leadership and instead is characterized by a system of regional emirs and local consultative consuls.
Second, as state sponsorship is a likely path for al Qaeda and associated movements to acquire fissile material or nuclear weapons, we recognize the important role nuclear weapons may play in deterring state sponsors of terrorism.
It also seeks certification from the Defence Secretary that Pakistan is committed to supporting counterterrorism operations against Al-Qaeda, its associated movements, the Haqqani Network, dismantling improvised explosive device (IED) networks, interdicting precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of IEDs, and preventing proliferation of nuclear-related material and expertise.
We're just going to have to see C* how much impact that will have on the strength on Al-Qaeda and its associated movements, but that's yet to be seen," Rodriguez said.
Al Qaida and associated movements have developed a very sophisticated network, extending from the geographical world to the virtual world, he added.
LT Cox supported the Coalition mission in Afghanistan which was to conduct full spectrum operations throughout the Combined Joint Operational Area to defeat Al Qaida and associated movements, establish enduring Afghan security structure and reshape its posture for the long war in order to set conditions for long-term stability.
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