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n. Mythology
An ancient Semitic goddess of love and war, being the Phoenician, Syrian, and Canaanite counterpart to Ishtar. In the Bible, her name sometimes appears in the plural, perhaps referring to a group of goddesses. Also called Ashtoreth.

[Greek Astartē, of Phoenician origin; see ʕṯtr in Semitic roots.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) a fertility goddess worshipped by the Phoenicians: identified with Ashtoreth of the Hebrews and Ishtar of the Babylonians and Assyrians


(æˈstɑr ti)

a Semitic goddess of fertility and reproduction worshiped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites.
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Noun1.Astarte - an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertilityAstarte - an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility; the Phoenician counterpart to Ishtar
Phenicia, Phoenicia - an ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the Mediterranean
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Hum," said Sir Henry, who is a scholar, having taken a high degree in classics at college, "there may be something in that; Ashtoreth of the Hebrews was the Astarte of the Phoenicians, who were the great traders of Solomon's time.
Aphrodite, Astarte, the worships of the night--listen, infant-woman, of the great women who conquered worlds of men.
With these in troop Came ASTORETH, whom the PHOENICIANS call'd ASTARTE, Queen of Heav'n, with crescent Horns; To whose bright Image nightly by the Moon SIDONIAN Virgins paid their Vows and Songs, In SION also not unsung, where stood Her Temple on th' offensive Mountain, built By that uxorious King, whose heart though large, Beguil'd by fair Idolatresses, fell To Idols foul.
En 1998 se lanzo de lleno al cine y creo su propia productora de audiovisuales, Astarte Producciones, y realizo uno tras otro varios cortometrajes, uno de ellos Florencia de los rios hondos y los tiburones grandes, seleccionado en festivales latinoamericanos y europeos.
This archive served as the basis for her grandson Ralph Gordon King Noel Milbanke's Astarte (1921), a privately circulated account of his grandparents' marriage, and it has now provided the biographer Julia Markus with a wealth of material for this detailed and fascinating portrait of a brilliant and wholly admirable woman.
Topbilled to play the various roles are Bituin Escalante and Frenchie Dy (Mely - maid of Puwersa Pilipinas), Kim Molina and Natasha Cabrera (Viva - Mely's younger sister), Markki Stroem and Hans Eckstein (Leading Man - newest member of Puwersa Pilipinas), Shiela Valderrama-Martinez and Astarte Abraham (Madre De Dios - leader of Puwersa Pilipinas),
At Heliopolis or Baalbec in Syria, famous for the imposing grandeur of its ruined temples, the custom of the country required that every maiden should prostitute herself to a stranger at the temple of Astarte, and matrons as well as maids testified their devotion to the goddess in the same manner .
Las actividades rituales y funerarias relacionadas con el culto a Astarte son parte de los ritos que se relacionan con el consumo de aceites perfumados y de incienso (ibidem 2005: 670).
Como hemos referido, el santuario pudo formar parte o estar anexo al palacio construido por Asdrubal, que Astarte fue benefactora de la realeza fenicia y del rey, protectora de los marineros y las empresas militares, y que las divinidades poliadas de Cartago fueron Tanit y su paredro Baal Hammon.
As much as the worship of mother goddess - Ishtar, Isis, Astarte, Aphrodite, Cybele - commanded large following amongst the pagans living then in Palestine, the Jews were not immune from such corrosive influences.
With 96 wins under his belt, Ganbat will be hoping for a winning debut from Astarte da Bonorva.