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n.1.Estate; state.
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Last year, Siddique was appointed asa special assistant to the premier with the status of astate minister.
This included: The Helen Jean Cope Trust, Boots the chemist, Nat-West Bank, Wright's factory in Quorn, Newton Fallowell astate agents, Nicky Morgan's office, Charnwood Borough Council, Zest 4 Life, Jo Smith, Shirley Conran, Loughborough High School and tutor Richard Tomblin, the general public and all of the Charnwood Christmas Toy Appeal volunteers.
The directive was contained in a statement issued and made available to journalists in Osogbo, by the Media Adviser to the Governor, Mr Sola Fasure, after the end of the weekly aState Executive Council meeting, held at Executive Council Chamber, Governors Office, Osogbo.
But wait a minute, in the absence of astate law, and in the hands of the armed groups and tribal heads, our freedom of expression is useless.
ASTATE boarding school that is more than three centuries old has been named as the best in Dudley, according to new research.
Astate of emergency was called in late October as winter approached and the community's residents were faced with freezing in ramshackle homes without heat, running water or sewage disposal, but Attawapiskat has been suffering for many, many years and we're hardly surprised that it's come to this.
A Saudi woman was sentenced to 15 years in jail starting on the date of her arrest, followed by 15 years of a ban on travelling after her release," astate media report said.
The ice bar and 'world cuisine' restaurant at West Gate Mall will reduce you to astate of frozen turbulence
LENT Whatwould I give up for Lent If only I hadn't delayed it My path has been pavedwith intent Promises that never quite made it What should I give up for Lent Sometimes I'm prone to be bitter Astate I've known to frequent ButGod doesn't favour a quitter What could I give up for Lent At least I should come upwith one I don't knowwhere all the time went Don't knowwhere all the time's gone If I could change something for Lent I'd change the nowinto then Clawback the time I misspent And start all over again.
Astate lottery official in Massachusetts said: ''We are certain this was some sort of scam.
PHOTO A man shoots an AK-47 into the air in Vlora, Albania, where astate of emergency was declared Sunday.
One thing that hasn't changed in five decades of thinking about fiction is that Ibrahim still believesit'simportant for a novelist to be independent, free from allegiance to astate.