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n.1.(Mining) An arch, or ceiling, of boards, placed over the men's heads in a mine.
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Contract notice: Astel s4 framework agreement lot 3 and 4
They were the first to ban smoking on a university campus, at the University of Jena, presided by Karl Astel, a Nazi official who committed suicide before the Allies entered Berlin.
NNA - Report: Astel Sahyoun Translated by: Aline Aoun NNA - "Also and also .
Located in the Silivri district, the plant will manufacture Canbebe branded hygiene products, the business which the Belgian company acquired from Turkish Astel Kagitcilik in 2000.
Para uma sistematizacao da historia da institucionalizacao da ransexualidade o espaco academico e hospitalar, ver Berenice BENTO, 2006; Pierre Henry ASTEL, 2001; e Jorge LEITE JUNIOR, 2011.
Naive PC Clark, played by Mark Stobbart, was the comic relief of the show and made a good double act with Sgt Rick Astel (Andrew Dunn).
Operator of a satellite fleet SES WORLD SKIES, a division of SES SA (Paris:SESG)(LUxX:SESG), announced today that Astel, a telecommunications provider in Kazakhstan, is using its NSS-6 satellite to deliver the first high-speed mobile broadband and phone services to commuter train passengers in Kazakhstan.
ASTEL, a leading service provider in Kazakhstan and long-standing customer of Gilat, managed the equipment installation.
Hitler habia muerto y los cientificos que lo apoyaban--como Karl Astel, director del Instituto de Riesgos Asociados al Tabaco de Jena, y Leonardo Vonti, activista--se suicidaron, fueron silenciados o tomados prisioneros.
Alongside the second-largest NTT DoCoMo, the Astel group, the third-largest PHS service provider, is also scaling down its PHS operations.
Astel drives home drunk and is horrified to find blood on his car the next day.