Astronium fraxinifolium

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Noun1.Astronium fraxinifolium - tall tropical American timber tree especially abundant in eastern Brazil; yields hard strong durable zebrawood with straight grain and dark strips on a pinkish to yellowish ground; widely used for veneer and furniture and heavy construction
zebrawood tree, zebrawood - any of various trees or shrubs having mottled or striped wood
Astronium, genus Astronium - a genus of dicotyledonous plants of the family Anacardiaceae
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5 km away from the area of the other treatments); area without treatment of rehabilitation (degraded soil); species Astronium fraxinifolium Schott + Urochloa decumbens Stapf.
Tiveram maior numero de registros Astronium fraxinifolium, Myracrodruon urundeuva, Tapirira guianensis, Tabebuia aurea, Anadenanthera colubrina, Casearia sylvestris e Qualea grandiflora, que estiveram presentes de 13 a 16 estudos (50% a 61,5% de ocorrencia).
The middle sector contained more typical canopy species, such as Astronium fraxinifolium, Pterodon pubescens, and Copaifera lansdorffii, compared to the other sectors.
FAMILY NAME: Astronium fraxinifolium and Astronium graveolens of the Family Anacardinaceae
Entre as especies encontradas pode-se citar Astronium fraxinifolium Schott (goncalo), Lithraea molleoides (Vell.
They are Astronium fraxinifolium and Astronium graveolens.
Caracteristicas quimicas do solo e crescimento de Astronium fraxinifolium Schott em area degradada adubada com lodo de esgoto e silicato de calcio.
Goncalo alves is the common name given to two closely related species - Astronium fraxinifolium and Astronium graveolens of the Family Anacardiaceae.