Astronomical time

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mean solar time reckoned by counting the hours continuously up to twenty-four from one noon to the next.

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With the adoption of this bill Russians will begin to live according to astronomical time, as in nature," said Sergei Kalashnikov, chairman of the Duma Health Committee and one of the bill's authors.
WattStopper Introduces RT-200 Astronomical Time Switch II-35
All outdoor lighting must be controlled by a photocontrol or astronomical time switch that turns lights off when daylight is available.
Today, time is constructed, defined and measured with atomic clocks that are infinitely more stable than astronomical time.
Some much needed cosmic housekeeping is also performed in June with the Leap Second Adjustment Day which coordinates atomic and astronomical time.
One hundred million years to a human seems an awful long time, but in astronomical time periods, that's nothing compared to the life of the stars.
This phase lasts for less than 100,000 years--a mere blink in astronomical time.
The dramatic successes in the development of astronomical time scales receive lots of emphasis, and appropriately so.
And today's start was delayed to let scientists' atomic clocks catch up with astronomical time.
Daylight is supplemented with fluorescent lighting systems, controlled by photocell and astronomical time clocks to ensure that the right light levels are established throughout the station at all hours.
The investigation utilizes new deep sea cores in the Pacific Ocean with expanded and complete sedimentary successions and well defined magneto- and cyclo-stratigraphies, which allow direct and accurate calibration of planktonic foraminiferal bioevents to the Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale and Astronomical Time Scale.
Astronomical time clock controls enabled both the incumbent and the new wall packs to shut off when sufficient daylight was available (12 hours, 14 minutes on the day this data sample was taken).

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