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The capital and largest city of Paraguay, in the southern part of the country on the Paraguay River. It is Paraguay's chief port and industrial center.


(Spanish asunˈsjon)
(Placename) the capital and chief port of Paraguay, on the Paraguay River, 1530 km (950 miles) from the Atlantic. Pop: 1 750 000 (2005 est)


(ˌɑ sunˈsyɔn)

the capital of Paraguay, in the S part. 457,210.
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Noun1.Asuncion - the capital and chief port of ParaguayAsuncion - the capital and chief port of Paraguay
Paraguay, Republic of Paraguay - a landlocked republic in south central South America; achieved independence from Spain in 1811
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More than 2,000 events were held in cities including London, Sao Paulo, New York and Asuncion, Paraguay, on the eve of the Paris summit which runs from Nov.
Adrian Ebner, a world renown interventional cardiologist and Director of Catheterization Laboratory, Sanatorio Italiano Hospital in Asuncion, Paraguay, "A large bore vascular closure device for percutaneous procedures needs to be safe, rapid closing and easy to use.
She was educated in Asuncion, Paraguay and became a Doctor of Dental Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, 1969Dr.
1999: Brazil outclassed Uruguay 3-0 to lift the Copa America in Asuncion, Paraguay.
The Delta-GOL codeshare agreement provides Delta customers access beyond Brazil as well, including connections to Asuncion, Paraguay and Montevideo, Uruguay.
Asuncion, Paraguay, Shawwal 16, 1434, Aug 23, 2013, SPA -- Paraguay officials say they have seized almost two tons of cocaine in the country's north, near the border with Brazil.
In Tuesday's case, Luz-Tereza Folkerts is seeking compensation from Air France after arriving 11 hours late in Asuncion, Paraguay, on a flight that took her from Bremen, Germany, to Paris, France, and from Paris to Rio de Janeiro.
A Framework Agreement had been signed between India and MERCOSUR on 17th June 2003 at Asuncion, Paraguay.
The discovery of human remains in an Asuncion, Paraguay, police barracks that served as a detention center during the dictatorship of Gen.
today announced expansion plans that include the addition of three new destinations in December [ETH] Chicago (O'Hare); Cucuta, Colombia; and Asuncion, Paraguay [ETH] bringing the airline's total of new destinations in 2011 to seven.
Embasso in Asuncion, Paraguay, and Universidad Catolica;
Augusto Roa Bastos was born in Asuncion, Paraguay on June 13, 1917.