At noon

At noon 
References in classic literature ?
TWO TRAVELERS, worn out by the heat of the summer's sun, laid themselves down at noon under the widespreading branches of a Plane-Tree.
The Fourth arrived, and punctual Paul Came, with his legal friend, at noon.
But this statement is not mathematically correct, because the equinox does not necessarily begin at noon.
At noon he came again and gave us our food and water; this time Dolly came with him; she was crying, and I could gather from what they said that Jerry was dangerously ill, and the doctor said it was a bad case.
Your father is in a good club, I know, but that won't keep the horses, and they'll be eating their heads off all this time; I'll come at noon and hear what she says," and without waiting for Harry's thanks he was gone.
He was proud of his new watch at first and used to drag it out promptly when eight bells struck at noon, but he came to look after a while as if he were losing confidence in it.
The Aurora Noon Lions Club meets at noon on the first and third Mondays monthly at Luigis Pizza, 732 Prairie St.
We are confident that along with the team at Noon, he will deliver an e-commerce platform like no other in the region.
The Phoenix Boy Choir performs at noon Saturday in the Hult Center lobby.
Focusing upon the compromises invoked by raising children while also taking care of aging parents, Breakfast At Noon offers fifty-one tactfully authored essays ranging in subject from Handbag Hell; Heavy Petting; and Once Smitten, Twice Shy; to Cease and De-list.
A Christmas carol singalong will be held at noon Monday.
April 15--B'nai B'rith Real Estate Unit will hold its monthly luncheon, entitled "Getting Large Real Estate Deals Done," starting at noon.