At the elbow

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very near; at hand.

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sup][1],[2] Our previous researches showed that short-segment nerve conduction study (SSNCS, also named inching test) could precisely localize the entrapment lesions in patients with CubTS and might be a useful tool for the detection of ulnar neuropathy at the elbow,[sup][1],[2] while further questions arose from these previous researches, including which was the most appropriate position of the elbow during SSNCS test for suspected CubTS.
Radial nerve entrapment at the elbow can be subdivided into two major categories: radial tunnel syndrome and posterior interosseous nerve syndrome (PINS).
Posterior interosseus nerve paralysis caused by ganglion at the elbow.
Assessing Valid Change over Time in Patients with Lateral Epicondylitis at the Elbow.
Extend your arm at the elbow joint pointing your little finger to the sky.
The mechanism of trauma seems to involve a terminal thrust at the elbow with stress concentration on the posterior and lateral sides and with some degree of distraction on the medial side.
Jobe and Gambardella also split the ligament to look at the elbow joint, which was deemed healthy, and used sutures to close up the ligament.
The passer (1) sets a downscreen in the lane as 3 cuts over 5's screen to the opposite low block, and 5 replaces 1 at the elbow.
This can be seen dynamically on ultrasound with flexion and extension at the elbow with the ulnar nerve snapping medially over the medial epicondyle of the humerus (Figure 8).
Dislocations at the Elbow, in: A Textbook of Fractures and Dislocations, 3rd Edition, Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger; 1935, pp 509.
Radiation therapy for the prevention of heterotopic ossification at the elbow.