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(Animals) another name for the silver orfe. See orfe
[C19: from New Latin idus, from Swedish id]


or -id

a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds.


intact dilatation and extraction.


Integrated Drive Electronics: a standard for computer interface ports that allows the disk controller of an IDE-compatible hard drive or CD-ROM drive to be integrated into the disk itself. Compare EIDE, SCSI.
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I had a girl here then called Ata to do the rooms; she was some sort of a relation of mine, and her father and mother were dead, so I had her to live with me.
Ata is a sensible girl, and she doesn't expect any ceremony before the Mayor.
Well, Ata,' he said, 'do you fancy me for a husband.
Ata continued to do the housework, and I gave him his meals as I said I would.
The word is derived from two others: Lua, meaning sun, and ata, meaning variously eggs, life, young, and reproduction.
They speak of ata and cor sva jo, meaning reproduction and from the beginning, and point toward the south; but no one has a mother.
All they vouchsafed in way of explanation was the single word Ata.
Our new storage enclosures allow our customers to quickly configure up to two terabytes of ultra-reliable native Serial ATA storage for any application, including RAID, backup and secure offline storage.
Why is there such a movement towards the use of ATA drives use in an increasing array of applications?
These are among the initiatives applauded by organizers of the Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge, who, for the third consecutive year, have designated the ATA as one of the two primary charities to benefit from the tournament, now in its third year.
Even modular array solutions, whether built using Fibre Channel or Serial ATA drives, will suffer performance degradation because they are limited in the number of FC loops that can be supported for storage.
While hot swap--the ability to disconnect and reconnect the drive while the system is still operational--is a standardized function in the Serial ATA specification, most computers don't allow physical access to the hard disk and cables while the system is operating.