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(Animals) another name for the silver orfe. See orfe
[C19: from New Latin idus, from Swedish id]


or -id

a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds.


intact dilatation and extraction.


Integrated Drive Electronics: a standard for computer interface ports that allows the disk controller of an IDE-compatible hard drive or CD-ROM drive to be integrated into the disk itself. Compare EIDE, SCSI.
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I had a girl here then called Ata to do the rooms; she was some sort of a relation of mine, and her father and mother were dead, so I had her to live with me.
Ata is a sensible girl, and she doesn't expect any ceremony before the Mayor.
Well, Ata,' he said, 'do you fancy me for a husband.
Ata continued to do the housework, and I gave him his meals as I said I would.
All they vouchsafed in way of explanation was the single word Ata.
The word is derived from two others: Lua, meaning sun, and ata, meaning variously eggs, life, young, and reproduction.
They speak of ata and cor sva jo, meaning reproduction and from the beginning, and point toward the south; but no one has a mother.
The Plugfest is open to all companies working on Serial ATA and Serial ATA II compatible products -- including motherboards, host bus adapters, HDDs, optical drives (ATAPI), cables, semiconductor devices, storage enclosures, OS, BIOS and test tools.
The specification for the second generation Serial ATA signaling speed - 3Gbps - has been completed and the release candidate of that specification has started its ratification process.
AHCI provides a unified Serial ATA controller interface that is optimized for the advanced new features in Serial ATA II," said Thomas Loza, Intel technology initiatives manager.
Serial-Attached SCSI is the logical evolution of Parallel SCSI that satisfies the data center requirement of scalability, performance, reliability, and manageability, while leveraging a common electrical and physical connection interface from Serial ATA.
Will Serial ATA impact disk-automation solutions for disk-to-disk (D2D) backup?