Atacama Desert

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At·a·ca·ma Desert

 (ăt′ə-kăm′ə, ä′tä-kä′mä)
An arid region of northwest Chile. One of the driest areas in the world, it has yielded great nitrate and copper wealth.

Atacama Desert

(Spanish ataˈkama)
(Placename) a desert region along the W coast of South America, mainly in N Chile: a major source of nitrates. Area: about 80 000 sq km (31 000 sq miles)

A′ta•ca′ma Des′ert

(ˈæt əˈkæm ə, ˌæt-, ˈɑ təˈkɑ mə, ˌɑ tə-)
an arid region in N Chile: nitrate deposits. ab. 70,000 sq. mi. (181,300 sq. km).
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Noun1.Atacama Desert - a desert in northern Chile rich in nitrate and copper depositsAtacama Desert - a desert in northern Chile rich in nitrate and copper deposits
Chile, Republic of Chile - a republic in southern South America on the western slopes of the Andes on the south Pacific coast
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Setting up of photovoltaic plant in Chile's Atacama Desert, a facility that will be the largest of its kind in Latin America and one of the 10 biggest worldwide.
Atacama, Chile: Mohammad Baloushi of the UAE dropped a few places to finish the fourth leg of the Atacama Rally at the Atacama Desert in the 11th place, but managed to retain his eighth place in the overall rankings.
High in the Atacama Desert, around 10,000 feet, you can look at the fields around Turi, Chile, and see small neatly laid out fields, terraced and lined with rocks.
designer and manufacturer of the world's most advanced single axis PV trackers, today announced the completion of tracker commissioning for SunEdison's Javiera project in Chile's Atacama Desert.
The wreckage of the helicopter was found in the Atacama Desert near a mine, the air force said.
Here in the Atacama desert there is a state of emergency over the heavy downpours.
The trip will begin with exploring the high-altitude Atacama Desert.
The new antenna will be similar to the 25 SATCOM Technologies-built radio telescope antennas operating at the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array observatory that is located 200 km (124 miles) from the LLAMA site, in the Chilean portion of the Atacama Desert.
It has 100 MW (megawatts) of installed capacity and is located in the municipality of Copiapo, in the Atacama Desert.
Chinchorro culture consists of fishermen villages located in the coast of Atacama desert, from Ilo in Peru in the north to Antofagasta in the south between 7020 BC and 1500 BC.
That chilling scene was repeated more than 20 times last week on the set of ''The 33,'' a Hollywood movie dramatizing a cave-in that trapped 33 miners deep below Chile's Atacama desert for 69 days in 2010.
The 9,374 Km-long route led from Rosario in Argentina across the Andes and the challenging Atacama desert to Valparaiso in Chile at the Pacific coast.