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Noun1.atar - essential oil or perfume obtained from flowersatar - essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers
essential oil, volatile oil - an oil having the odor or flavor of the plant from which it comes; used in perfume and flavorings
attar of roses, rose oil - a volatile fragrant oil obtained from fresh roses by steam distillation
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The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) at the same time instructed the EC to expand ATAD 1 to include hybrid mismatches with non-EU countries, and the EC responded on October 25, 2016, with ATAD 2, which contains a proposal to amend ATAD 1 to limit deductions (or force inclusions) arising from hybrid entity mismatches between member state corporate taxpayers and third-country residents, including permanent establishment mismatches.
That's the kind of real-time interaction that makes live streaming so compelling, says Atad.
Tandeg and Atad offered to the undercover agents the minor and showed them the nude photos of the other minors stored in their flashdrive, Aguto said.
While they're both equally yummy, the guys stand divided between which one of the two is just atad hotter .
ATAD aggressive, distinctly flash and sharp suits - whether male or female.
Llevad la carga del hombre blanco/ Enviad adelante a los mejores de entre vosotros/ Vamos, atad a vuestros hijos al exilio/ Para servir a las necesidades de vuestros cautivos;/ Para servir, con equipo de combate,/ A naciones tumultuosas y salvajes/ Vuestros recien conquistados y descontentos pueblos,/ Mitad demonios y mitad ninos.
Texas is very similar to those tracks, except that it might be atad faster, and more dangerous.
This coalition was an umbrella organization for nine of the most active unions (Obras Sanitarias--waterworks; Asociacion Bancaria--bank employees; CISADEMS, AMED, SADOP--teachers; ASEJ--Courthouse employees; ATAD, UOEM--public administrators, and meat workers).
Spouses' expressed love and understanding have been documented as contributing to the recovery of the patient (Gilbar, Steiner & Atad, 1995) while spouses' avoidance and criticism have been related to patients' distress (Manne, 1999).
ATAD systems are two-stage aerobic digestion processes that operate under thermophilic temperature conditions, 108 to 176 [degrees] F, without supplemental heat.