Athabasca River

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Ath·a·bas·ca River

A river rising in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Alberta, Canada, and flowing about 1,230 km (765 mi) east and north to Lake Athabasca on the border of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The river and lake are important constituents of the Mackenzie River system.
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He also said the fish coming out of the Athabasca River are no longer edible.
It has been publicly estimated that more than a billion tons of the tailings, which many observers consider to be highly toxic, will be in place by the year 2010, much of which is in close proximity to the Athabasca River.
31 and released approximately 670 million litres of contaminated water into two tributaries leading to the Athabasca River.
A billion litres of coal waste-water from the Obed mine spilled into the Athabasca River Oct.
Keepers of the Athabasca, a network of First Nation, Metis and communities along the Athabasca River, had organized the six-hour walk.
Further down the Athabasca river, natural gas has come up from fissures in the rock for years, and the bubbles that rise to its surface are easily ignited.
A scientific team has made startling findings which directly link pollution of Alberta's Athabasca River to the nearby oil sands operations.
The company expects to face a single charge related to exceeding approved discharge limits of wastewater to the Athabasca River.
It's estimated that it takes one barrel of water to produce every barrel of oil, a process that endangers the health of the Athabasca River.
In the first quarter Oil Sands Group filed an application with regulatory agencies related to its upcoming plant expansion, and it expects to file another application for its new Steepbank mine across the Athabasca river during the second quarter of 1996.
Cancer concerns for two First Nations living downstream on the Athabasca River have always been personal for Mikisew Cree Nation Chief Steve Courtoreille, but now they have reached an even higher level.