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 (ăth′ə-nā′shəs), Saint Known as "the Great." ad 293?-373.
Greek patriarch of Alexandria and leading defender of Christian orthodoxy against Arianism.


(Biography) Saint. ?296–373 ad, patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against Arianism. Feast day: May 2
ˌAthaˈnasian adj


(ˌæθ əˈneɪ ʃəs)

Saint, A.D. 296?–373, bishop of Alexandria: opponent of Arianism.
Ath`a•na′sian (-ʒən) adj.
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Noun1.Athanasius - (Roman Catholic Church) Greek patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against ArianismAthanasius - (Roman Catholic Church) Greek patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against Arianism; a church father, saint, and Doctor of the Church (293-373)
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
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So urgent a message had not been issued within the memory of old lay-brother Athanasius, who had cleaned the Abbey knocker since the year after the Battle of Bannockburn.
Sleepy old brother Athanasius, at the porter's cell, had a fleeting vision of twinkling feet and flying skirts; but before he had time to rub his eyes the recreant had passed the lodge, and was speeding as fast as his sandals could patter along the Lyndhurst Road.
The Youth Government of Yakutia at the conference is represented by First Deputy Chairman Vasilina Lukina, Head of the Committee for Image Policy Roman Pesterev and Head of the Finance Committee Athanasius Luginov.
Athanasius School and Marywood Academy in Evanston then graduated from DePaul University with a BA in English in 1951.
It would be blasphemy," said Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana.
The verdict was passed down by Father Abdu Abu Kasm and Father Athanasius Shahwan, the former of which is the head of the Christian media committee, and it has been a resounding no.
He discusses the Arian controversy and the "authentic" letters of Ignatius; God language in the Ignatian long recension: a christological profile; the Ignatian long recension in fourth-century christological context; Eusebius of Caesarea, Athanasius of Alexandria, and Ignatius of Antioch; and John Chrysostom: in defense of Ignatius.
Her sobbing grandmother was among those needing comfort at the St Mary and St Athanasius Church in Cairo.
Synopsis: "The Celebrated Museum of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus: A facsimile of the 1678 Amsterdam edition of Giorgio de Sepi's description of Athanasius Kircher's Museum", with a translation into English of the Latin text by Anastasi Callinicos and Daniel Hohr, annotated by Jane Stevenson, and edited, with an afterword, by Peter Davidson, is Athanasius Kircher's catalogue of the prodigious early museum (a Wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities) which he assembled and arranged at the Roman College of the Society of Jesus was completed by his assistant Giorgio de Sepi for publication in 1678.
The Prince of Wales speaks during an Advent reception attended by religious leaders including Archbishop Athanasius Toma Dawod of |the Syriac Orthodox Church (left) and Cardinal Vincent Nichols (second right), the Archbishop of Westminster, at Archbishop House in central London yesterday.
Christians should appreciate the work as much for the diversity of its references -- from Cormac McCarthy to Athanasius, from Wendell Berry to Jacques Derrida -- as for its thoughtful contemporary recommendations.
First, he calls attention to the trinitarian theology of Athanasius of Alexandria, who defended the divinity of Jesus at the time of the Arian heresy even at risk to his own life and liberty.