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or A·thar·va·ve·da  (ə-tär′və-vā′də, -vē′-)
One of the four Vedas, consisting mostly of spells of black and white magic.

[Sanskrit Atharvavedaḥ : atharvā, priest; see āter- in Indo-European roots + vedaḥ, sacred lore, knowledge, Veda; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]


(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) Hinduism the fourth and latest Veda, largely consisting of priestly spells and incantations
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Noun1.Atharva-Veda - a collection of mantras and formulas
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In keeping with maritime traditions, Smt Reena Lanba, President, Navy Wives Welfare Association (NWWA), broke a coconut on the ships bow and launched the ship, as invocation from the Atharva Veda was being rendered.
El mas antiguo de todos los himnos es el Rig Veda, le siguen en orden cronologico de composicion el Yajur Veda, el Sama Veda y el ultimo o agregado posteriormente el Atharva Veda.
This finding suggests that the first textual references to leprosy are in ancient Sanskrit hymns of Has Atharva Veda.
We have come to know that Varanasi would be divided into four sectors and each sector would be named after the four Vedas-- Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda.
They said this high speed mental calculation method was called "Vedic" since the sutras (formulae) are said to be contained in the Atharva Veda and are from the Vedic period.
The Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda, the earliest and the latest among them--contain several references to this science.
Verses from the Atharva Veda were recited on the occasion.
Thirta claims he found the ancient Indian system of maths based on 16 Sutras, or formulae, after years of studying the Atharva Veda.
34) Atharva Veda III 30, 3,4,5,6 as quoted in Ahimsa: Buddhist and Gandhian, by Indu Mala Ghosh.
The hymn of Atharva Veda endorses the above concept:
They are the Ric Veda, or Veda of the stanzas, the oldest and most important, consisting of prayers and hymns in verse; the Yajur Veda, or Veda of liturgical formulae, consisting of prayers in prose; the Sama Veda, or Veda of melodies, containing prayers (most of which come from the Rig Veda ) for musical chanting; and the Atharva Veda, consisting largely of magical spells and incantations.