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Noun1.Attila the Hun - king of the HunsAttila the Hun - king of the Huns; the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire (406-453)
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Atilla Ahmet admitted three counts of soliciting murder.
The Hungarians had taken an early lead on four minutes from a goal by Atilla Bufai after a spectacular shot from 18 yards.
THE lid was again lifted on the seedy world of prostitution by the case of Atilla Makai and his girlfriend Kinga Borcsok, jailed for people trafficking.
Totesport Text Betting Fish'O'Mania XIII: 5/1 Steve Ringer, 6/1 Kieron Rich, 7/1 Nathan Watson, Neil Machin, Matt Hall, 8/1 Lee Barrett 10/1 Gary Baugh, Dave Swain, 12/1 Jon Arthur, Perry Stone, 14/1 Dave Brittan 16/1 Atilla Szekeres, 20/1 Ian Covey, 28/1 Mick Godfrey, David Forrester, 33/1 Peter Goodman.
In debuting Russian mezzo-soprano Larissa Kostiuk, the production boasted a handsome-looking and -sounding Carmen, opposite the loud and unsubtle Don Jose of the Transylvanian tenor, Atilla B.
Then there's The Zakons, The Teen Tones, The Vibratones and Atilla & The Huns.
The Kam Air airline's financial controller Atilla Kamgar says the Boeing 737 Kam Air, flying from the western city of Herat to Kabul, with 104 people on board is missing after being turned away from Kabul airport the previous day due to a snow storm.
Book stores offer abundant titles suggesting that managers emulate Machiavelli, Atilla the Hun and other unsavory but decisive individuals from history.
Ahmet Basustaoglu,(*) Hakan Aydogan,(*) Cengiz Beyan,(*) Atilla Yalcin,* Serhat Unal([dagger])
it's like Atilla the Hun when they arrive somewhere.